Brothels and prostitutes have existed from the medieval age. Although the idea behind it remains the same, today such services have become wider in perspective of human understanding. Today the Rotherham escort services have grown to be more independent of the forced prostitution, and escorts have a more open living in the business. Many escort agencies which are available today consists of only the escorts who work on their will. There are many reasons why escorts differ from the prostitutes, including the ones mentioned below.


Escorts live a very different lifestyle than prostitutes. They usually work under an escort service which hires them on a salary basis. They get contacted by clients only through the agency they work for. They do not have to stand on the streets to wait for someone to pick them up, unlike the prostitutes. This offers them a better lifestyle and safety as compared to the prostitutes.


The escort business demands professionalism from the escorts. Since they are rated based on their skills, personality, and attractiveness, they take care of their health to stay fit and good looking. Since their income depends on their demand, they need to be as presentable as they can be to get a hike. The prostitutes, on the other hand, do not care much about maintaining themselves.


The escorts are checked for any medical problems after every day to make sure they do not carry any STDs and infections with them. They are also told to check their clients for any diseases and always use protection to keep themselves safe. Prostitutes, on the other side, carry a huge risk of diseases along with them, and they involve in unprotected sex in several cases and are also exposed to several drugs.


The escorts are generally young women who have multiple careers. Many of them are also models, study in universities, or are working somewhere. They have a great personality and look beautiful enough to get approached by men. Prostitutes generally do not take care of themselves and are physically affected by drug intakes and other problems. Their main source of income is through prostitution and do not have any secondary career.


Escorts have way more freedom as compared to the prostitutes in choosing their career. They can stop being an escort and choose a different career whenever they want. Most of the models join the escort business to help themselves with paying university fees and managing their expenses while they can focus on building their career in other fields.


Needless to say that escorts earn a lot more than prostitutes. While the prostitutes get picked up by people on the streets, they cannot expect much from it. Escorts, on the other hand, get in a deal with rich and even multimillionaires. It promises them a great sum of money in every client meeting. This is the reason why models independently work as an escort so they can have a stable living.